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So, this may have been a little late for me, but I know at least one of you out there is preparing for baby number two and wondering “Am I really going to be able to do this?”


I think it’s easier with two and I think our family is better off with two…more balanced…more flexible…more relaxed. There is just something about having both of them here that has made me calmer even if it has frequently made Gideon whine a little more.

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out what some other bloggers are saying here.


  1. yes, having 2 kids is a blast! and even 3 is doable 😉 And don’t forget, that while you may struggle a tad with how to share your attention among more than 1 child, you are giving them the beautiful gift of siblings to grow up with! More than 1 is so much fun! (sorry, dorky rhyme there)

  2. Thanks Kim! I still need to watch the video but I’m sure it will be encouraging! Also, we will definitely be praying for Piper and her hip….we prayed that all went smoothly today and that the drs found what they would need to accurately diagnose her. And….if you’re noticing me coming to your site even more than I already do, that would be because anytime Truman catches me at the computer, he demands to see “Gideon, Gideon” in the flickr pics. It’s pretty cute.

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