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Election time is around the corner, and its is extremely important that everyone gets out to vote on November 7. If you’re a Nebraska voter and need to register, make sure to do so before Friday.

With that said, I just want to encourage Nebraska voters to cast their US Senate vote for Pete Ricketts. I really do think that he is someone that would represent Nebraska (and the Midwest) in a much more honest manner. (BTW, Ricketts is financing his entire campaign on his own apart from the NE Republican party.) I really have no idea why Nebraskans have continued to support Ben Nelson as long as they have, I guess it primarily lays in the fact that Nebraskans are very loyal people. If nothing else, Nebraskans should seek to limit the ability for individuals such as Nelson (and Hegal for that matter) to maintain careers as politicians. Enough with my opinions on this, just check out the facts on Ben Nelson and that should say enough.

Just as a side note, Ben Nelson spoke at GU’s commencement in 2003. I have no idea how or why this happened but it was a disgrace to all of the graduating class of 2003 to hear a “go get em’ tiger,” “you can do anything you put your mind to” speech. I suspect that his speaking engagement was a sorry attempt on GU’s part to increase it’s clout with the elitist community of Omaha and in so doing hope to garner more community interest. I can almost guarantee that it was not because Ben Nelson is an model for Christian living (if he is a Christian at all, judging by his opting for a “moment of silence” rather than prayer) and I find it extremely distasteful to use people of prominence regardless of their integrity to represent your institution.

I don’t want to even get started on Texas politics. Needless to say, politicians here have multiple hands in multiple pockets and it doesn’t matter their party affiliation. In fact, I wish I could use my vote to go against certain individuals rather than for a specific candidate.


  1. Vote for Pete Rickets? That’s silly.

    Ben Nelson

  2. I actually wrote a letter to the school about the Ben Nelson commencement speech and the lack of spiritual emphasis during the ceremony. The response I received back was that they’d selected him after hearing him give “a clear testimony of faith” at a different event. I didn’t write back, on advice from someone I worked with to “let it go,” but I wanted to rebut with the idea that Nelson’s life is not a clear testimony of faith. Indeed, it is just the opposite. He’s consistently on the wrong side of the issues (aka the secular humanist side).

    The next year they brought in Jerry Rieger, a GU grad, whose life has been given to political causes of worth, most notably the reform he’s instituting in the Florida Department of Child Welfare. Rieger did a fantastic job and hopefully they’ll keep selecting people whose lives speak for themselves and whose words will be in line with Scripture and motivational for the graduating class.

    Regardless of GU’s choices, the election this year is a pretty important one and everybody needs to vote. Even if you completely disagree with me, I hope you make it to the polls because you have a civic duty to be involved in this country’s political process. At the same time, get online and read a bit before you get in the booth and vote the party line. There are crooks and thieves and corrupt people in both parties and you’re voting for individuals not for a party. Know the issues. Know why you’re voting for the people you’re voting for. And know where your polling place is. (I’ve still got to work on that last one).

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