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Just a quick note… In case you have a tendency to forget things I just wanted to remind all Nebraska voters to vote for Tom Osborne in today’s Nebraska primary. I really dont think that you have any other option when you examine each candidates political policies and philosophies. Tom Osborne isnt just good for Nebraska, he’s great for Nebraska. A couple weeks ago I was watching CSPAN because 1. I love CSPAN. and 2. I saw Osborne as I was flipping through the stations. When I watched him it was clear that everything that he was doing and saying was clearly in with the motivation of representing and fighting for things that benefit Nebraskans, in this case he was fighting for expediting federal funding on ethanol production which will lead to more jobs and money in Nebraska. While a lot of politicians will say they’re actually serving in representative democracy, they’re really just representing special interests or their agenda. The other candidate (Hieneman) has never been elected, he’s simply there because Mike (get) Johanns (off me) was tapped as Ag Secretary. Anyway, I feel really terrible that I cant vote today to help Dr. Osborne out but this is where I hope that those of you reading this can make up for me. Vote for Tom.

Also, I got a call from the Sarpy County Sherriff saying that he would like my vote too, but for him I really could care less. In fact, the recorded message was pretty low quality, so I think I would actually vote against him without knowing the issues or other candidate.

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