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I’m very excited and happy because RIGHT THIS MINUTE, Tom, Krystal and Sarah are driving to see me! Me! ME! YEAH! Oh, maybe they are coming to see Jud too. Right. But, anyway, I am so very excited and can hardly concentrate at all. I had to listen to music all day just so that I could focus a little and stop my head from thinking thoughts other than those that belong to work.

In other news of things that distract me from accomplishing goals, in one week and a day, I will be leaving this hole, that others call Texas, and heading North to see you all and it is only one week, one day until we start the trip. HOORAY!

During my half hour lunch (I usually only take 15 minutes so that I can leave earlier, but the other day my boss told her boss that I don’t take a lunch — even though my boss sees my time cards where I clock out for 15 minutes, but whatever — and then like every day since that day my boss’s boss sees me eating my lunch for about two seconds as she walks past and I wonder if she thinks me to be untruthful) I had the best time talking with two friends from work. I think of them as friend and I think they think of me as a friend, but when they were talking about something and I said that they should’ve called me they both got funny and loud about how they didn’t have my number. I then forgot to give them my number when I got back to my desk because that is how I am. I forget stuff that I mean to remember all the time. I am foolish. Anyway, it made me feel so great that they wanted my number and then I started thinking about how things change when you get older or maybe when you get married. And then I changed my thought. It’s not an age thing, it’s an isolation thing. You and me and all of the rest of us in our apartments and homes watching our tvs and having our snacks before bed and some of us are lonely. I am not completely lonely because I have Jud and he is wonderful, but I’ve left all of you in Omaha and in Syracuse and in Amarillo and in Annapolis and in New York City and in all sorts of places that are not here and I need you. I miss you.

I’m so glad some friends are coming today and I’m glad too that I’m making new friends. Funny friends with lots of funny stories and plenty of laughter. You’d like them. I know.

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  1. don’t be lonely! you will see me in a week!


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