Wake Forest vs. Nebraska vs. Nebraska

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I was eating my lunch today and watching the Catholic channel for some reason. I guess because I’m tired about hearing this and that about Hurricane damage and how we should blame so and so for this and that. Anyway, I was eating and after they finished talking about some stuff and doing a couple hail mary’s they showed this Nick Cannon video. I was really surprised by how powerful this video was, so much so that I included a link for it on the bottom of this post.

Things are piling up quickly for me here. Mostly with school stuff but some with my work for Orion too. The most difficult thing is the seperation of my work for Orion and then my work for DTS. Even though its extremely nice to work from home, I think man was meant to work outside his home. I’m getting pumped up again for another week of Husker football that will be televised. Hopefully everyone can play up a few notches from last week and stop shooting ourselves in the foot.

Wake Forest 22, Nebraska, 31

If the link below will not work for you, go to https://www.nickcannonmusic.com and it should have it there.

I hope everyone is doing well. – Jud

nick cannon video
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