Want to Guarantee A Good Time?

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You need a recipe for awesome if you want a guaranteed exciting time.  Let me lay this one out for you.

Small children. They make everything a little bit more exciting because it is pretty much going to be the first time they see whatever it is that you are doing, even if they saw it last year.  They probably don’t remember.  The same way you’ve met your fourth cousins but couldn’t tell anyone their names.  It’s all a little vague.

Dogs.  Preferably ones that you don’t ever have to take to the veterinary office for shots or to get their nails done. Get a couple of really territorial ones like some dachshunds. They go especially nuts.

A tiny rodent. A squirrel is too big.  Find a field mouse.

A window well. There is plenty of access and plenty of space for everyone to get the full view of the kind of insanity that is about to unfold.

Some frogs.  Just for fun.  They won’t move when the dogs bark or when the mouse runs across their entire bodies.

Place the mouse in the window well (or, as we do, just wait until one falls in there like the idiot it is). Open the back door and keep the children from being knocked down by the nearly frothing dogs. Watch and listen as the mouse tries to escape from the dogs without any possible way of doing that.  Observe the dogs going crazy for a kill, barking constantly. You’ll be able to see the mouse’s breathing escalate, just like you can hear the dogs panting. See the kids pick up on the excitement without really knowing what the fate of that mouse would be if a dog fell in that window well. You won’t be disappointed.

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