Warning: Objects Within His Reach Will be Pulled Toward Mouth

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So, this morning, after sleeping in a chair with the Gid for three hours (see: coughing baby keeping everybody awake; also: mama feeling very sorry for baby with drainage and tons of drool; and: behbeh is getting chompers, nothing to be done) this morning the two of us were down in the kitchen, a part of our normal morning routine. I was eating a piece of cherry pie (sorry, Jud!) (Laurie, any idea how many calories are in a healthy sized piece of gooey cherry goodness? Yeah, I don’t know either, so I’m going to guess 10) and drinking my second cup of coffee and first glass of ice water.

Gideon is experimenting with drinking new things…mostly ice water from my glass. He is not at all interested in drinking the baby apple juice I watered down for him in his bottle. That is gross and should not be put to his lips. I can hardly believe anybody even suggested that cold things should be placed in bottles. Cold things go in Mama’s glass. Mama’s glass goes in his mouth. Got it?

I finished ma pie and sat back down with my coffee and water while he played with his awesome teething toy. He got a little fussy, so I picked him up and he was playing in my lap. Then he reached behind himself, grabbed hold of the place mat and pulled.

Coffee? Ice water? On me. On the table. On the floor.

Baby? Dry. Totally dry.

Dogs? Please ignore their twitching.

Hey, you got a problem wit dat?

A Safe Distance without a Place Mat

My adorability makes up for any amount of cleaning.

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