We Ate Lunch at Sams Club and didn’t pay a dime…sort of

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Serious samples. We may go there every Sunday after church because they had SWEET samples – pizza, shrimp, sausage biscuits, cinnamon rolls, apple pie ala mode, joint juice (which neither of us drank) and some really terrible cod. I was stuffed. We did however, buy $40 worth of other things (none of it was the food we sampled, but who would want samples of bread, milk, water or Ro-Tel canned tomatoes?

We went home and I made (Amber’s recipe from the CBC cookbook) carmelitas, only now I remember her saying something about how that recipe had some sort of mis-print and I don’t remember what exactly, but I think it may have had something to do with the amount of butter. Yeah, they didn’t turn out quite right. Our SF members still ate some.

Speaking of SF, we had a really good discussion about Lordship salvation and the crappy book we are supposed to be going through and how it has WRONG theology and we helped them to understand what’s wrong with looking at our salvation through the glasses of “fruit”. It was a good conversation and we checked out a few passages that helped to clarify and some problem passages that they brought up which are frequently misunderstood — like how “knowing them by their fruits” refers to false teachers and “even the demons believe” is the cynics voice, not James’. It was good and it was the first time our group went the full two hours. It was also the last meeting for three weeks.

We went to a truly horrible church this morning. The musical section of the service was more like an awkward concert in that they didn’t want us to participate much. The sermon lacked any real cohesiveness. It was from Ephesians, and seeing as we remember some pretty awesome teaching from the book, it’s kind of hard to go backwards. Jud just checked out and did a Bible study on the passage while the pastor preached. I should’ve too, but didn’t. In the end, we wound up telling one of the people who asked us what we thought about the service pretty much the same things I just wrote and she just agreed with us. It was kind of odd. We think she and her husband may have gotten stuck there for a few reasons, but don’t worry, we won’t be. Next Sunday we’re going to check out another church, that we probably should’ve checked out before, but haven’t because we think it might be really tiny. At this point, even really tiny and kind of far away sounds okay.

Here are the things we are counting down:
4 days until Krystal, Sarah and Tom come
12 days until we drive back to NE

We will get to see these two in just 12 days! (In this picture, they treed a squirrel and are freaking out at him. The squirrel just chattered and threw down leaves.)

Later, we bought them a stuffed squirrel for them to rip apart. They LOVE us.

We are anxious for the trip and for seeing our friends.

In other anxious news, last night after I got home from the Dr. Laura show, Jud told me that my dad was back in the hospital and I called my mom. He’s okay today and back at home, but he had another flare up of diverticulitis. He’ll have to have some more tests and things but he should be okay. It still really freaks me out when he doesn’t feel well. I know that’s selfish and I should be talking about him right now instead of how I feel, but that will just make me too emotional, so you’ll have to deal with my self-centered ideas for now. I mean, how am I supposed to concentrate on issuing warranties and marketing monies when he is sick? Can you tell me how to do that? No. I didn’t think so.

Finally, I am about to get to work on updating my resume so that when the job I currently have transitions into a job I can apply for again, I will be able to do so and appear to be the most qualified candidate, because, well, I am. I am the most qualified candidate for the job I currently have.

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