We Probably Should’ve Taken More of These

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Here are some pictures from our vacation:

Aunt Ronke came over for the party at Hunter’s house.

Gideon checks with Hunter to make sure it’s okay to eat the toy.

Hunter evaluates Gideon’s technique.

Aunt Jenn performs The Worm.

The guys pose for a picture and allow their arms to extend around one another
(look for the next sign of the Apocalypse any day now).

And here is one from right after we got home.

Last night he did this and somehow got his arm stuck in between the crib slats. He was crying and crying (which we let him do when he’s awake too soon). When Jud finally went in the poor kiddo was trapped. Oh, and snotty. Very snotty. The kind of snotty that eventually drains down the back of your throat and makes you puke so much milk onto your mom that she has to change ALL of her clothing at four in the morning. Or, what I like to call, fun.

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  1. those pics of our boys make me smile:)

    it was great to see y’all!

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