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Today we went to a friend’s house to steal baby clothes in various shades of pink that I will return to her once Piper outgrows them and hopefully without any yellow stains about the diaper region.  They live in a nearby suburb that I used to frequent in high school as one of my friends lived there.  It is always so strange to go back, isn’t it?  It was strange today to drive down those roads and see the buildings and the restaurants and the banks and that one road where a friend and I once caught air in his parents’ station wagon. 

In a lot of ways having our second child has been much the same.  It’s the same old streets but they look so different now.  No reason to panic about the little things.  You are sure you’ve done this before.  And at at the same time, it’s changed and unfamiliar and you can’t quite remember how to get there from here.  I’m not freaking out about the sleep deprivation like I did last time, in part because there is less of it and in part  because I know it will end. I’m still holding her as much as I held him – in spite of people’s warnings about spoiling and such.  Last time I held him because I didn’t want him to cry.  It was the worst sound to my ears and had to be stopped immediately.  Her crying doesn’t have quite the same effect, but I hold her now because why wouldn’t I?  She’ll only be a tiny baby for such a short period of time.  I’m not going to wish it away (well, okay, maybe in the middle of the night when I can’t get her to settle down and all I want to do is close my eyes for a four consecutive hours. Is that really too much to ask?!).  I can leave her at home with Jud while I go to the store and not feel like something got ripped out of my heart because I know she’ll be there and so will Gideon too – my two kids and my husband, at home, waiting for me to come back and keep driving down this road with them.  I’m overjoyed to be back in this same neighborhood and so thankful that the years away have given me a little perspective. 



  1. well put, Kim!

  2. I agree, well put! Nice to know the 2nd time around is a little easier because you’ve been there. A little overwhelming to think about having a 2nd one at this point with our first, but I’m sure God will prepare me someday. And yeah for hand-me-down clothes!!

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