Weeding It Out

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Today was all about getting back to normal.  Normal breakfast (raisin bran).  Normal playtime (trucks. trains. tools.).  Normal nap times (frequent for her and one o’clock for him).  Normal lunch (sandwiches. yogurt. milk. rice cakes.).  Normal. Normal. Normal.

Here were the not so normal parts:

– Weeding the lawn. Gideon and I found anything unsightly and I used a trowel to dig it out.  He used his toy shovel to pick up the weeds and take them to the recycling bin we were using to hold them.  As we worked our way through the yard, he was having to take the weeds further and further to the bin; balancing them on the shovel and hoping for no wind, since the shovel isn’t very deep.  After making the trip a few times, he suddenly looked up from our spot and said “Oh” as if he’d just had an ‘Ah Ha Moment’.  And he had.  He walked over to the bin and pulled it over to where we were working. Problem solved.

– While lying on her back, Piper is cooing at me and I grab a toy for her to see.  She concentrates and very slowly reaches out grasp the toy with her right hand.  A smile spreads across her face when she realized that she’s got it. I am cheering for her and in the excitement she losses her focus and pulls it to her eye instead of her mouth. She slides it down to her drooly little mouth and squeals.

– Back outside during Piper’s afternoon nap, Gideon and I are back at our weeding.  Gideon has abandoned the task to run through the sprinkler. I am digging out one weed in particular when searing pain shoots through the palm of my hand.  I pull the trowel away and see the blister oozing blood and weeping the clear blister fluid.  We go inside and wash out the wound.  Although I held it together, Gideon seems very concerned.  He suggests we watch Sesame Street.  I can tell he thinks it is a balm that heals all things.  We play trucks instead but the wound continues to weep.

I’m off now to go pour peroxide on my hand.  If you hear something shrill coming from the general direction of our county, you’ll know I’ve been successful.

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