What Can I Say?

Posted by on Aug 25, 2007 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

So, I got this in the mail the other day. You can see why it caught my eye.

(My favorite part is how they photoshop-ed this guys arm pit. Nice.)

Sorry, Zan! I love you!!


  1. Unfortunately, I am too tired to create a witty response to this post.
    But, my favorite part (and this will be no surprise to you, Kim) is that he does a fabulous job of the hand on hip pose, which slims the arms!

  2. this is just awesome! =) i can’t say i would’ve ever expected to see an individual such as this one and associate him with my sweet Zan! but, it’s been done. =) what’s funny is that i totally didn’t even catch the pose until she mentioned it. this is just hilarious! you’re going to see this brilliant piece, right? =) love you!

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