What I Meant to Post on Thursday Night

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My work is going well. I don’t have much stress from it and it’s very routine. Print this. Send this in the mail. Decline or Approve these. It’s pretty straight forward and my boss is over the top nice, so she never gets frustrated when I ask for clarification. It’s really been working out well. I work 7-3 with no lunch and beat all the traffic, working out at 24-Hour Fitness at 5:15 AM and being home to fix Jud supper before his night classes three nights/week.

We still don’t have a church. Shop. Shop. Shop. Which means too that we don’t really have any friends either. We met some people at one of the churches who we really like and I invited them and a few neighbors over for brunch on Saturday. So far, I don’t have any confirmations yet, but I do have a fridge full of things just waiting to be prepared. Lots of fruit, eggs for Grandma Tschetter’s casserole, ham & cheese bundle fixings, smoothie requirements and fresh blueberries for muffins. It should be quite the spread because I don’t know how to entertain without gobs of food. You should drive down! I’m sure there will be plenty :-).

I’m spending plenty of time reading, trying to encourage Jud to stay away from the TV. It makes me extra tired and I’m usually in bed around 9pm, cuddling up to my husband as he reads/studies and tries to pretend like I’m not bothering him. Right now though, he’s watching the first NFL game of the season because he just got home from his night class, has the munchies and is avoiding his homework like I avoid the dishes. Although, I’m getting used to doing them all by hand. Tonight I went to Super Target and bought that dish soap with bleach in it. I’ve had a sneaking suspicion that all my dishes have little mites or fungi or something since they don’t get seared by the dishwasher anymore. Now the bleach will get them for sure!

I have an appointment tomorrow because last Saturday I suffered all the symptoms of a mini-stroke. AWESOME! I probably should’ve gone to the ER or emergicare or something, but it’s so dang expensive and they probably would just tell me to see a family practice guy later anyway. I’ll keep you posted on what exactly caused my left side to go numb, my vision to blur, the headache immediately following those things and the fact that I slept for almost the entire day thereafter. Pretending like all of those things don’t mean anything is much better than reading WebMD and freaking myself out….hmm, it’s either a TIA or MS? Which fun acronym-istic disease do I really have? When really it will be something like this
Doctor: “So do you usually drink a lot of caffeine?”
Kim: Like one can of pop and a cup of coffee every day.
Doctor: “And you didn’t have any on this day?”
Kim: Right. So what you’re saying is I should hit Starbucks more often.
Doctor: “Basically.”
Kim: Thanks doc. Is there a scrip for that?

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