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So, I haven’t much to say these days. The past week was really busy and many of you may have received some of the work I was doing via email. If you don’t know that of which I’m speaking, I would tell you in a less conspicuous place than this, or at least a place where google would not reach. I’m not into outing the places that employ me here, so that’s why I’m all G-14 classified (to break out the old college lingo). There’s nothing terribly exciting about it, just some basic design work, but it was nice to finally get it out and complete the project.

Meanwhile my full time job is totally time consuming and more than a little overwhelming to third trimester Kim. I’m struggling to stay focused there as it is, but when my inbox fills up faster than I can even think of responding, it just takes all the wind out of my sails and my mind starts to wander towards my bed and all of those delicious blankets and pillows.

I’m feeling fine, except that I’m tired again and my skin itches and burns in certain spots in spite of all the lotions I’m smearing on it and the leg cramps that steal my sleep, and the back pain, and the heaviness of my giant stomach, and all the violent ninja moves this kid is pulling. Of course, I’m glad for all of this because in the end it just means that it will completely remove the fear of pushing a kid out of my body. I’ll just want all of the discomfort to stop enough that I’ll go through a bunch of terrible things to make it all go away to ‘get this kid out of me’ (which I plan to proclaim at least once in mid-may).

That’s enough baby talk. I think I should tell you about other things…but I’m tired and those blankets are calling to me.

I’ll try to find the time this week to review James Cameron’s attempt to, once again, become the king of the world, the unredemptive and boring work that is Music & Lyrics and maybe even the cervical cancer vaccine (those were the the things I wanted to tell you about, but am too lazy to form intelligent words around right now). Um, don’t hold your breath.


  1. I would love to say hey!!!! It gets better but I can’t! LOL! The whole huge stomach thing gets better but not so much the interuption of sleep in the night thing. Enjoy the leg cramps!! Middle of the night feedings are AWESOME! Your eyes will be rolling into the back of your head and you will be nodding off just to realize OH! I am going to fall off the bed and oh yea I am feeding my baby!! Really though its ALL worth it!!

    Katie M

  2. Oh I forget about those leg cramps! get into the habit of stretching your feet toward your shin, not pointing your toes out. Yes, sleeping in the third tri is next to impossible. It could be seen as practice for when the baby wakes in the night, but it’s really not the same. That’s somebody else waking you up when you CAN sleep, right now it’s yourself waking up when you cant. But don’t worry, you will sleep again someday, even though right now it may seem like a long ways off 🙂
    Would love to hear your take on the new vaccine you mentioned.

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