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Let me tell you, Oklahoma is a different world (and not in that Dwayne Wayne sort of way).


Scene 1

Dad and Kim have just placed an order at an Arby’s drive through window. They pull to the other side of the building in time to see and Arby’s employee walk outside wearing their full Arby’s uniform, a gray-ish shirt with a gold name badge, greasy black slacks and gray and black socks — the black part is on the bottom of the sock. We know this because she is not wearing any shoes. The darkness of the black is enough to know that she has not been wearing shoes for some time.

Arby’s woman (toward unseen person behind the dumpster): Hurr-ee up and git in her! We need ya’ on the fri-er!

Arby’s woman walks back into restaurant. Person behind dumpster never materializes. You get the sinking feeling that she may have been talking to herself.

Scene 2
The drive continues through the Appalachia of the Midwest when Kim notices a dilapidated barn that claims to be a “surgery” and upon further investigation appears to still be operating, in spite of the bowed in roof and the rotting siding.

Scene 3
There is a growing sense of fright as the sun has begun to set to their left, but is still providing ample light with which to see. A truck is parked just off the main highway and the driver is outside of the vehicle. The sun is still up but it is a full moon. That’s right. The man was COMPLETELY NAKED. Not a stitch of clothing on him. Not even any shoes.

[There won’t be any pictures with this post. I think you can guess why.]


  1. As best as I can tell, these scenarios could have taken place anywhere. =) So, I’ll not hold it against you for knocking Oke-town! Believe it or not, we have many redeeming qualities back home. =) I hope you had a wonderful time with family. Perhaps, we’ll have a Mavs watch party this week…never thought I would get into this sort of thing: sports. But, I’ve taken a liking to it over the past week…perhaps I’ve just jumped on the local bandwagon. It’s fun anyway! See you soon, I hope.

  2. I forgot my “Oklahomans please take no offense as I bash your entire state based off of Highway 69” disclaimer :-D.

    And while, I do hope that these incidents could not happen anywhere…at least, not anywhere that I am ever again…I do know that the wonderful world of bizarre has a home in every neck of the woods.

    Sorry, Oklahoma friends! I do hope you are only laughing and not shaking fists!

    Also – good call on the Mavs watching idea. I offer our teeny tiny tv and our home general, but am 100% not offended if all of the boys think in their heads “that television is disgustingly small to even attempt watching a game on it”. Let the email coordinations begin!!

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