Where are you going?

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This week at work has been nuts. I’ve been going nuts and people have been driving me there. I have now officially arrived. I may not leave. It’s kind of nice here, actually.

Here’s how I took the little trip I took to Crazy.

On Wednesday I had a meeting with a person who governs a program. I explained a few things about how this program was being carried out, namely that other people were not following the rules. Program Person (PP) understood this, agreed with me and decided that the words coming out of my mouth were correct and that my suggested course of action should be followed.

On Thursday PP asked me to write an email and tell a Rule Breaker (RB) to get with the program and color inside the lines. I did that. I copied PP and RB’s Boss and the RB’s Boss’s Boss and my boss and some other bosses, just so that everybody would remember how to play by the rules. First there was an email from the RB’s boss, stating that what I said was correct and that going forward, things would be different. Then I got an email, just to me, from the RB’s Boss’s Boss, congratulating me and calling me “The Hammer.” Then the RB wrote back, all hot and bothered, with Exclamation Points!!!! and YELLING WITH CAPITALIZATION. I found this amusing and did not get upset by his letter, which had obviously arrived from Crazyland. That’s when the email arrived that put me on the bus toward that same place. The PP writes and says, “RB, you are so right! And what you want to do can be counted in the program. We will give you what you want.”

Can you see why my brain willingly bought the ticket for that bus? Six hours had not past since I told PP why RB was wrong and he had AGREED with me. Now, with one email full of flamboyancy, it was all for naught – as if I had never opened my mouth. As if the program rules have not been written. As if I had never written the first email. As if the program does not exist. As if I did not exist.

And so I’ve decided to believe all of them. I’m just going to go play with the rest of the nuts around here now. I’m pretty sure we can invent our own program and then not follow any of our rules together! It’s going to be such fun!


  1. Rules are meant to be broken.

    Right Sweetie?

  2. I thought the Huskers took a trip to a trip to Crazyland in the second half today. Maybe they were listening to the commentators…

  3. Rules? We don’t need no stinking rules! Where are my Sergeants?

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