Where Did All Those Days Go?

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So sorry for not posting sooner.  I really appreciated all of the emails and phone calls and Wednesday night meal conversations filled with encouragement about sleep habits.  I meant to call/write you back.  As always, I am well intentioned with crap for follow through.

During the writing hiatus we helped my parents box up their earthly possessions and move them across town.  Then we promptly began sanding down baseboards in order to rid ourselves of the golden oak.  Baseboards, ye shall be white!  This was after meeting with our lovely designer mom-daughter team who helped choose a lovely taupey color called Sanderling for the walls.  I’m sure you will love the new look.  If you don’t, just keep it to yourself because Jud has very long arms and is good at punching.

Gideon is sleeping, um, better?  The same-ish? I’m not totally sure because we are no longer listening to the crying due to the expanse of this new place (we’re staying at my parent’s house until the dust/fumes dissapate) and the ability to turn down monitors very low.  So, I am feeding him once at midnight and then letting him do his own thing until any time after 6:00 am.  And I am feeling much better with six solid hours of sleep.  The ped doc, who is a lovely woman, said she agreed that at 9 months he should be sleeping better and that we should stop going in more than once at night. She also said that he is a genius (right after he called me Mama in her office) and that he is in the 50th percentile for height but less than that for weight.  There’s no concern about his weight just yet but if it drops off, percentage wise, at 12 months than we may need to be a little more aggressive.  In the meantime, I am pumping this kid full of food and he is loving it.  Chicken? Loves.  Roast Beef? Yes please. Waffles? Sent from heaven. Broccoli? Delicious!  Baby food? That was so eight months.  Nine months = whatever Mama is eating. 

And finally, in the never ending saga of bill paying and fighting the Man, we are battling it out with the phone/internet people over a $75 deposit they want to require. We have supremely excellent credit.  It is scrumptious and smells like wildflowers.  That deposit is a big old scam and I am not going to give in.  That’s $75 for window treatments or hardware or new shoe molding or jeans. Good luck, suckas! You don’t have any idea who you are messing with and I can’t wait to return your call.


  1. Glad to hear Gideon likes food so well! Be prepared that his weight may indeed dip a bit when he learns to walk, etc. as more activity means more calories burned (and more interesting things to do instead of eat). My kids did that. But it sounds like you have a good pediatrician who can shoot you straight without overworrying you. priceless!

    My kids are always average height, less than that for weight. I just tell doctors, “look at their parents!”

    Glad too you are enjoying more space and thus a bit more sleep. I had a friend who’s daughter would sleep thru the night because she’d admit “I accidentally had the monitor off and didn’t hear her, but she’s ok!” 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing photos of the house improvements sometime!

  2. Long arms or not, Jud’s got nothing when going up against the hulk hands.

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