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Mostly on the sofa napping.  But there is a good reason for it.  We had this fantastic weekend that involved a three hour drive to South Dakota for a wedding that was so incredibly fun.  Pretty much all of Jud’s friends from college were there (and I’m sure I can say that they are all my friends too). 

Months and months ago, while at his company’s Christmas party, he refused to dance with me, instead  promising to dance with me at this very wedding reception.  Not only did he hold up his end of the bargain, he was actually pretty good at it.  It was a little intimidating at first (and not just because I had on four inch stilettos).  There were a gaggle of thin tall beautiful people who actually knew how to dance FOR REAL.  They were doing steps and twirling and just in general moving quickly to the music.  We got into the middle of them and shuffled around at first.  By the end of the night, though, I’d say people were pretty impressed by some of our moves (see: stomping for over three minutes straight; and, also: the cockroach).  Jud performed the later.  It was pretty much hilarious.  

Thanks for getting married, friends!  We totally enjoyed the party (the ceremony was a TEAR-JERKER, the rehearsal smooth and fun with pickles that I am going to attempt to replicate for Jud this very weekend). Can’t wait to see the two of you at our house for the game!  Happy honeymooning.

Special thanks to Adam for the photo and Grandma & Poppy for keeping the kid so we could party.


  1. It was a BLAST to see you guys! We’re so glad it worked for us to come. I’m sending you an adorable pic of you and Jud dancing!

  2. glad to hear that you had such a good time!!! daniel rarely dances… and only to the slow songs. but, at his brother’s wedding in the spring, i finally got a couple of fun dances out of him! i can relate to the excitement! =) happy week!

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