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We’ve been busy around here.  In the past two weeks, Gideon has been to the dentist and the emergency room and this week we’ll probably be heading back to the doctor.  I’m just wondering if anybody wants to do the math on how many pairs of jeans that would be.  Gap jeans, by the way, cause I’m picky and white (Seinfeld reference in case you were wondering). 

So, two weeks ago he was playing in the living room and lost his footing, setting his little mouth on a collision course with the table. His sweet little mouth bloody and bleeding and all I could do was offer a washcloth to see if it would stop.  He stopped crying pretty easily and I thought the bleeding had stopped too.  When I got him up from his nap, there was plenty of blood again. Looking into his mouth was met with screams and hot little fists of rage.  I called the dentist.

Of course they wanted to see him.  I don’t know why I bother to think that maybe a phone call to a professional care provider would result in anything else.  Seeing patients is how they get PAID.  Letting their nurse tell people to ride it out for a few more minutes and to take a breath doesn’t make the payments on their Jag, you read me? 

So in we went, through the middle of the pouring rain.  The minute we walked into the office, he stopped bleeding.  My favorite dentist in the whole world (however, not at all attractive, Carole and Molly) came into the little room and Gideon opened his mouth like a pro.  He was poking around in there and my little boy just let him. No screams.  No fighting.  No fear.  UNREAL.  At the end of the time there he got to choose a prize from the special box.  He chose these….

Just a few days later he started running a low grade fever. He got a little snotty.  I figured more teeth were coming and gave him a little Tylenol.  Three days of a little fever and a little snot and I wasn’t worried.  He wasn’t out of sorts, just a little fussy and I cursed those giant teeth slicing through his tough gums and prayed that he would be able to sleep well, but that was falling apart fast.  I spent a couple of nights up with him, helping him to sleep by my rhythmic breathing and the slight rocking in the recliner.  He snuggled and slept.

Saturday we headed to the Red White Game.  It was great…plenty of Bo, plenty of red, plenty of sun and a stop at Chipotle.  Not a bad way to spend a Saturday in April, although it does tend to make one long for September. 

Gideon stayed with Grandma and Poppy while we dreamed.  He went to the park and had a pretty good day.  Every once in a while, he’d start to not feel so well and crawl up into one of their laps and sleep a little.  After a short little nap, he’d wake up refreshed and get back to chasing the dogs. When we got back he was mostly glad to see us, but I’m pretty sure he knows how good he has it over there.  He fell asleep on Grandma when we sat down to eat and I thought it was a little odd.  I could see his little cheeks get rosy as he slept. Watched the little hairs in back curl up as he started to sweat. I didn’t worry, but I thought it was odd.

When he woke up we took his temperature externally and it wasn’t right.  I could tell he was hotter than 101.  We gave him some medication and stuck him in the tub.  In the meantime, we got the internal thermometer (there’s a different name for that one, but I just can’t type it).  Thirty minutes after the meds got to work and immediately out of the bath his temperature was 103.8.  Yikes. Call to the doc. Drive to the emergency care place, where they took his temperature externally and it was 99 (and obviously wrong). 

This was us about to leave to see the doctor….


Long story longer one of his eardrums ruptured.  All that infection back behind it finally pushed through that little snare and found it’s way out.  The other one was infected too.  The medicine is, of course, pink. Next time we’re going to have to teach him the sign for ear infection (he should’ve been born with that one, right?…just tug on your ear, Pal.  Just once even.  Ear. Tug. Cry.  See?). 

The sad part is that I think he knows now.  Eight days into a ten day regimine and now he’s tugging on his ears.  Probably not a good sign.  Time to make another call.  Hmm, I wonder if they’ll tell me to come in?


  1. I was wondering about you… so unlike you to deny us readers the privilege of catching up on you! =) Sorry to hear about all of the hoopla. Hopefully, sweet Gideon is going to get better and avoid another trip to the doc’s office. =) Good to hear from you! Don’t keep us waiting so long next time. Priorities! HA. =)

  2. oh I’m so sorry! I hope he gets all better soon! When Winter was that age she had a double ear infection too and the only symptom she had was a runny nose too. you can never be too sure about them symptoms, it could be so many things and I’ve learned to just be paranoid and always have them checked for the worst. better to be sure I guess. hope all is well again at your house very soon!

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