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This past week was absolutely incredible. Last Sunday night our dear friends, Daniel & Jenn (and his mom and grandparents) rolled into Omaha on their way back south. We spent the evening with them and it was SO good to see them. In a lot of ways it seems like our life in Dallas never happened, like all of those friends we made and things we did and people we loved are all a made up fairytale of goodness that we tell, but didn’t really live (we miss you all so much). We sent them off on Monday and thought about them driving all day.

Tuesday came and so did Grans. She flew in that afternoon and will be here through late October. Four generations under one roof is quite a feat and thus far there have not been any real issues, which I will chalk up to the fact that Grans only wears one hearing aid and it’s not usually in her ear. She told me a story or two that I haven’t heard before and repeated several that I’ve been hearing for a few years. This used to only be something my dad’s dad did, but I think it’s catching and now Grans has it too. The sad part is that I’ve caught myself doing it too. So, you know, if you heard this one before….

Friday morning, Jud’s family rolled into town. His youngest sister was moving down for college and we helped move her in on Saturday. She’s on Rebecca’s hall and we know she’s going to have a blast (we did quite a bit of reminiscing while we were driving down to the school…college was so incredibly fun…the road trips…the drama…the pranks…the green nun…the coffee…it was also incredibly stretching and such an intense period of personal and spiritual growth…even with all the growing pains and sleep deprivation, neither of us would trade in those days).

In the middle of all of that, Jud got offered a new job, to do something completely different and we thought about it…a lot. He’d interviewed and we’d prayed and he got offered pretty sweet money. The trade off was for longer hours, more stress and in all probability junky supervisors who are just this side of crazy. He eventually talked about all of it with his current employer (toward whom he had no ill will nor did he posess a real desire to leave) and they found a better solution. So he is staying there and we are both happy. We both think that ultimately, what he really chose, was to be there. To be there for Gideon. To be there for me. To be there for the ministry we are leading. To be present and fully committed to the things that matter most. I’m so glad he did.

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