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Well, its my understanding that the 12 days of Christmas are well underway and I honestly feel oblivious to the whole season. Being couped up in our apartment the majority of my week tends to do that. While I hopefully be finished in 9 or so days, I have a lot more things that will continue to keep me at this desk. Anyway, all get to my reason for this post… (other than posting a picture of one of my favorite foods). Kim had published her wishlist a couple weeks ago and in my business, I failed to put my list on the site. You can access my list here. As my list says, do not be afraid to get me anything that is used. I really don’t care if someone else has previously owned something unless they’ve messed it up somehow. Anyway, I better get back to things. Posted by Picasa


  1. seriously jud, what’s with the farting dog. for some reason i can’t see you settling down in front of a fire reading about a farting dog and then moving on to some early christian literature.

  2. Its nothing but a bit of yule tide humor Tom! Besides the little comment on the list says that I dont actually want the book, I just stumbled upon it on amazon and thought it’d make a great addition to my list.

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