Worlds Collide

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Today while working at my desk, slowly because there is no hurry and not much to do, I got a knock on my cube wall and turned to see a familiar face from Omaha. Someone from church. They are the one who helped me land this job. And I feel sheepish all of the sudden. Strange to be in this juxtaposition. Where I worked before, people came onto my territory. They were always on my home field and I had all the answers. When was this happening? Who did this happen to? Where would this be found? I know. I know. I know. Now, I know little. I know a little niche thing my company does. And really, I don’t know it in it’s totality yet, so my amount of know is small now. I feel like a kid, sitting there while two people stand looking down at me. We talk, but the relationship has changed. I no longer know. I am the one who must be informed. I dislike this so much. Know it all, you might have said before. And while it’s true that sometimes my attitude was off, I really did know almost all of my domain. I had knowledge and if you believe the song I learned in DARE in the 5th grade, Knowledge is power, grab it while you can.

I am frustrated with the company that pays me. It is not the company where I work as I am a contractor (translation: we do not wish to pay you benefits and like the idea of doing away with your position without any notice) and thus I am technically employed by another. They do not specialize in professionalism. They do specialize in untimely service and talking on the telephone to their friends/family while helping you at the front desk. I wonder how much these people get paid and if I can work here because clearly you need not even bathe before coming in. However, I couldn’t take the smell, nor the bad teeth and so I will not apply there. I could never be so inept. Nearly four weeks ago I gave them all the information one would need to set up direct deposit. It is still not happening and they did not bother to tell me ahead of time. Why would they do a thing like communicate with me? I’m only a way for them to produce an income. My job is supposed to get on the books with my company soon and I pray that there are no hang ups to that transition because the hassle in the meantime s-u-c-k’s (Spelling means the children won’t know what I said. And you know what knowing gives them).

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