Yoga Day!!

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Health | 3 comments

I didn’t feel like putting on shoes today, but I needed to do a workout.

Jillian Michaels always motivates me, even when she is saying ridiculous things like “Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.”

While you do this remember three things:

1. BREATHE! Inhale and exhale while you do the repetitions. It’s important to getting fully into the sketchiness of the poses.

2. Remember your core. Push your abs into your spine the whole time. Your back will thank me for this.

3. It’s okay to be shaky. Keep trying the poses and don’t worry about looking silly. You’re in your own living room!

Happy Yoga-ing!


  1. If this will help me get rid of my mid-section jello I’m all in.

  2. I like to think of mine as bread dough. Jello seems too happy for what I’m still working off. This will help your mid-section, but there are two other things to remember about the core of your body.

    1. Abs are (annoyingly, stupidly, also annoyingly) made in the kitchen. Want a washboard? Cut out all the white flour and most of your dairy too. Lean meats, veg and water will get you there quickly. [Editor’s note: this sounds awful. Don’t do this!]

    2. Your mid section grew three, THREE!!, incredible, wonderful, then tiny, humans. It is the most amazing part of your body because it housed other people who weren’t even paying rent. It is generous and life giving. I say, let it hang out how it wants to. Nothing else on your (or my) body is as awesome…jiggle and all.

  3. Doing Jillian’s yoga is so funny because she hates yoga so much. You can tell she hates it by her quotes around “practice.”

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