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I did love the rain. This is a little much.

We stayed late after church for a Newcomers Lunch (where, incidentally, we decided that this would be our last Sunday to attend services there). By the time we left the building it was nearing 2 o’clock. It was raining so hard that when we jumped into the car the water ran off our backs and literally pooled in out seats, soaking our butts. It was cold and gross.

I was driving, so I put the wipers on their fastest setting and drove from Northwest Highway to not even Lover’s Lane. The cops had blocked off the road and their tires were already nearly covered in water. We turned around.

Back to the church to see if Daniel & Jennifer were still there, but they’d already left. We tried calling them but they’d left their phones at home and we’re dropping off some other people. Not sure if they’d even make it there, we decided to try a different route home.

We tried. The fire fighters were just roping off Skillman when we drove up. Chunks of the road were floating away.


Looking down Skillman…

Daniel called us back and we got on 75 and drove to their place.

After the rain lifted, we braved it again and made it home. On the way, we saw the garbage/leaf line where the rain had crested and noted that it was well into the grass on either side of the street, probably two feet of standing water. There were stranded cars and lots of debris in the road, but we made it.

The rain picked up a bit later and has died down now. We’re supposed to get one more hard batch before it lets up tomorrow morning.

[Insert joke about animals marching two by two here]

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  1. Ok, So I’m finally here. I’m so sorry it’s taken me this long to read some of your blogging:) You both are so neat, and I miss you tons. Love the rain pictures, you should see the snow coming down here. Love the RUG, it’s so YOU!!! Love you guys, Tammie for the Moore 5

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