You Can Keep Your Tie-Die

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This morning I woke up to two happy children playing games next to me and one tiny baby still sleeping soundly. After asking the two bigger ones to turn off the overhead light, I groggily brought myself to a sitting position and looked around at the disheveled room. Game pieces were strewn across the floor. A trash can that needs to be emptied sat next to the tiny table of wipes and diapers. A basket of clean clothing sat mocking me on the other side of the table. The room was in complete disarray.

Greer woke up shortly after me and I nursed her. The older kids scurried off to eat breakfast and play in their rooms. Soon Gideon was dressed and ready for school, with no effort from me to get him that way. Piper was heading to me while my father was taking Gideon off to class. She watched ‘a kid show’ while I diapered the baby and took off to shower.

I hurried to get myself ready but by the time I was dressed and combing out my hair, Greer was demanding her morning snack already. I, of course, obliged, but filled up my water cup first. Fed, burped and sleeping soundly, I played sous chef/taste tester to Piper’s executive chef-dom. She made oatmeal out of Yahtzee dice and chocolate out of Sorry! pieces and then Greer woke up and needed to eat again.

Gideon was back from school and lunch was on the table when I realized that my hair was completely dry. Wavy and straight, frizzy and frayed, my hair was a total mess. With no makeup and and no hair product or heating tools applied, I walked past a mirror and realized that I would’ve made a really terrible and ugly hippie. Thanks for saving me, Jud.

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