You Know It

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You know that it has been a good Independence Day when…

…the grill was properly utilized.

…the dishwasher has to be run twice in a row to clean all of the supper dishes.

…your neighbor hoses down his roof.

…an out of town friend from the east coast shows up in town in plenty of time to join in.

…your baby sports a red and white striped shirt with a butterfly on it.

…your little girl was ‘too busy’ to nap.

…your husband finally agreed that the best way to deal with Legos is to organize them by color.

…your little boy spends a lot of time running away from things that were lit in the street.

…your mother bathes your baby while you compile lists on the internet and deal with the dishes.

…you make lists about how good the day has been when it’s only 6:36 and nowhere near dark outside yet.

Here’s to everyone having all of their digits by the end of the night and to all of our homes not catching on fire!

UPDATE: add the following items to your list:

– your (still-just-barely) 4 month old baby talks herself to sleep.

– your husband sees you and comments that you ‘look summery’.

– your feet log 4 miles and your treadmill had a fan in it.

– unexpected friends from in town call mid way through your night and join you to end the evening.

– you watch your husband retrieve a parachute dude from your neighbors roof.

– your kids are so sweaty you force them to drink gallons of water and they barely pee.

– your so tired at 10:21 pm that you think about not even bothering with the necessary face washing.

– you have to add to your list of awesome things before you ignore your pores because your day was just that good.

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