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So, now that we are about 99% sure that the BehBeh is a boy, we figure it’s about time we go register for some stuff at places where they have things. Seeing as we’ve never purchased a lot of brightly colored plastic items before, we could use a little help (can you believe that I am asking for advice?!).

Please leave your helpful suggestions in the comments (or you can email them to us too, if you’d prefer, but it’s so much better in the comments where it will help other people remember the stuff that they could not live without) with a little explanation. Also welcome are your suggestions of things to not buy (Amy already gave me a little pack-n-play advice).

So, let’s get to it, moms and dads!


  1. Okay, so diaper pails are totally overrated. We bought two – one for the nursery and one for the basement. We aren’t even using them anymore! It is so much easier to throw it away in the trash can….they always stink so much!!! Leah loves her jumperoo..not something you have to have, but definitely a fun thing to have.

  2. Well I disagree slightly about the diaper pails. Though they’re not a necessity, we have the NEAT system and it works pretty good. The diaper Genie sucks though, that one’s totally not worth it. I would agree that one could live without a diaper pail except that we live in a second floor apartment and I don’t want to wrap up my diapers in a million wal-mart bags and hike downstairs and across the parkinglot to the dumpster. I dream of growing up someday and having a garage with a big trashcan in it (not gonna happen for a while).

    I will email you with my other ideas.

  3. I suppose I could start numbering!! LOL!
    1. I would agree with the “I like my diaper pail.” We just got a regular one that you can put your own trash bags in and its really easy. Good Enough, but I take it out at least once a week sometimes more.
    2. I love my changing table It is a BACK SAVIOR!
    3. I love the swing. Nice for things like when you want to cook dinner or just want to take a nap! Baby can sleep or just play in there!
    4. Bath Tub Ring…nice for when they are older, they can sit up without falling back and hitting their heads and good for the whole not drowning thing…However not a saving device still nice! HAHA!
    5. As always…BUTT PASTE!! The best diaper rash creme ever!!
    6. Diaper Rack NEVER USED IT. I just have those cute little wicker basket things with bows on them and put them in there under the changing table, nice for organization!
    7. Exersauser…Another AWESOME thing. Great for cleaning, vacumming etc!
    8. Dishwasher basket…nice for spoons, and sippy cup lids etc…more for when they are older, but still nice.
    9. Drying rack..not a need but I like to hang the bottles and sippys on it to dry cause I dont put those in the dishwasher. Afraid to warp them or something. “Im crazy”.
    Ok I guess I will stop at ten…but Im sure I could go all day! HAHA!
    10. If you are going to do bottles, Playtex, with fat nipples. (If you are going to pump/breastfeed, easier to switch w/o nipple confusion!) I did Avent with Elijah but switched to playtex with Evan and they dont leak…which is good! Avent leaks after a while of using them.
    Ok I hope my ramblings help!
    Have fun with the registaring gun! WHOOHOOO!

    Katie Meester

  4. Okay, so I see we went wrong with the Diaper Genie. Maybe we will have to try something new with the new little one.

  5. I thought of a few other things after I emailed you. Board books would be a good thing to register for, books are good at any age, and fun for other people to buy

    Also furniture must haves- a dresser for baby if you don’t have one. Also, not totally necessary but really REALLY nice is a gliding rocking chair.

    In my email I mostly told you what we liked based on our small living quarters, which I assume you’re in a similar boat. That’s why we never had a changing table, bassinet (though the pack and play doubles for both of those if you get the right kind), or exersaucer. We borrowed an exersaucer this summer and it was cool, esp good for when baby can sit up on his own and is too big for the bouncy chair, swing or baby gym, but it or a big swing is much bigger to move around the house than a simple bouncy chair. I’m just saying that if you’re limited on storage space you may need to pick between chair, swing, exersaucer, gym, etc. You don’t need them all, maybe only one or two, whichever you like best.

    Also, don’t register for too many blankets/quilts, you will be given about a million, and you live in TX anyway, you’ll only need about 3 (to sit baby on the floor to play, etc.)

    I also thought about baby monitors. If your apartment is small, you won’t need one, you will be able to hear him– (baby monitors can make you go nuts cuz you can hear EVERYTHING they’re doing. turn it down!) We finally bought one this year so we could go outside when the baby’s napping, so if you want one get a long range one for that. ours is the fisher price 900 Mhz, we like it.

  6. I think my grandson will need a Harley Davidson, limited firefighters edition, so he can work on his balance very early. Poppi will be glad to help him with this! Why learn to walk when you can ride?

  7. A few thoughts for Dad:
    1. For the most part, stay out of the way when it comes to registering. She will already have done more research than you are aware existed.

    2. You need at least 2 good husker outfits.

    3. New moms will lead you to believe that the registering gun is not that fun. . . . but don’t believe them. Fight for your right to be the “gunner”!

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