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Okay, I am in need of your opinion concerning an ongoing discussion I have with regard to an answer used in the game Scattergories. Hopefully most of you know the premise of the game but if not go here. Seeing an opportunity to score a quick four points with the letter being “P” under the category “Bad Habits”, I quickly realized that picking pecks of pickled peppers can become a bad habit. And since I was shot down by the parties playing against me (emphasis on against), I thought this may be a good place to voice my case. So, all you need to do is vote in the poll listed below. You can also feel free to state your opinion in the comments area.

Picking Pecks of Pickled Peppers a Bad Habit?
Absurd but Acceptable with regard to a Board Game
Ludicrous. Absolutely Not. free polls


  1. Here’s how Ludicrous is defined: “amusing or laughable through obvious absurdity, incongruity, exaggeration, or eccentricity”. Sorry, babe, but I stand by my position, but you should know that your Scattergories eccentricity makes the game what it is. I’d never want you to stop putting down these answers. For one thing, they are so entertaining, and for another, it totally helps me beat you.

  2. Having played Scattergories with you, Jud, I’d have to agree w/ Kim…your answers are definitely “laughable through obvious absurdity,” but that’s what makes playing against and/or beating you so much FUN!!

  3. okay, i have not played scattergories with you, jud. but having witnessed your finesse and constant “thinking outside of the box” whilst playing “picture, picture” this december, i cannot think of a better word to use than ludicrous, unless it is hilarious. i agree with kim though, in that it would not be as much fun without your constant and earnest attempts to challenge the accepted notions of boardgamedom. it brought a hilarity to “picture, picture” that i had not previously witnessed. i seriously wish i had that whole night on tape. i would laugh and laugh and laugh. the one “object” i can remember you seeing in the picture with the mailman was “mystery.” we didn’t accept that either.

  4. Okay, anybody who votes with “Definitely!” is going to have to post a comment because otherwise I am going to think that Jud is perhaps stacking the votes.

    Also, anybody named “JD”, JMac”, “Judd”, or just “J” who comments will also be disqualified (You know, just in case creativity plays a part in online polling/comments too).

    Allison – I totally wish that night was on video. I started laughing so hard just remembering it that I’m sure people in the cubes next to me are wondering what I drank during lunch.

  5. As much as I want to accept your answer, Jud, I find it very difficult to believe that anyone would ever make a bad habit out of picking pickled peppers, let alone the pecks. And if by some chance this fate would fall on someone, I would probably refer to it as just a good, hard, honest work ethic rather than a bad habit.

    If “laughing until your stomach hurts” points were awarded in this game or “Apples to Apples,” Jud the Mack Man Mackrill would be undefeated in that category. But as the game stands, no points awarded from me. Sorry.

  6. Allison: you know as well as I do that the Postman killed the woman in that picture. How he did it none of us know. Thus the mystery. That picture was a total mystery. Why was he standing over her body? Why was there no blood? Why would you include crime scene photos in a kids game?

    Sam: One word for you: Workaholism. While you may find work addiction something you take pride in, others clearly find it to be a bad habit warranting rehab. This rehab is what is known as a vacation. This line of thought leads me to my thesis which states that if you have or continue to practice the art of vacationing you are fully submitting to the addictive nature of acts such as picking pecks of pickled peppers. Therefore, you should reconsider your vote.

  7. My vote: “Definitely”

    It’s always said that too much of one thing is bad; therefore if someone picks too many pecks it would be a bad habit. Jud, you’re right on this one, trust your hippie-liberal friend.

  8. Have you guys ever seen “Smart House?” I’m pretty sure that it’s a Disney Channel Original Movie. (did the second sentence answer the question in the first one?) The kid in the movie goes online and enters his name a billion times into a contest to win the Smart House. I was frustrated that a simple “pollcode” whatever website wouldn’t let me do it even 2 times, when a kid in that movie could do it a billion. I know how you feel, Jud. I think churches have split over that game.

  9. Absolutely Not! I would not consider that a bad habit.
    That is quite the answer though…too bad you can’t get points for craziest answer….you may win then! LOL

    Katie M

  10. Allison has challenged my ruling on the game and it is under review.

    After reviewing the call and the argument made against my ruling, it has been determined that the argument is weak and contains insufficient content to overturn the call. The ruling on the game stands…still no points for Jud.

  11. Okay, so I read the blog wrong.

    I would like to correct my previous post by addressing my comment to Jud, not Allison.

    And in the same way that I could never imagine someone developing a habit out of picking pecks of pickled peppers, I cannot see anyone becoming a workaholic over it either.

  12. Okay, so you knew that I would eventually get around to giving my two cents. Well, then again, you probably did not expect it. Nonetheless, I am making a contribution to the ongoing saga. Unfortunately, Jud, I must confess that I think your response is simply not “cutting it”. However, I do not have a well-built case against you. Maybe it’s the fact that “peck” as a unit of measurement is basically obsolete in my everyday life. Or perhaps it is simply the fact that I, too, have played this game with you and know the finesse with which you shmooze your absurd-yet-ever-so-creative answers into the ranks of acceptable ones. I applaud your quick wit on this. Well, there you have it! May the best man win. =)

  13. No Points!!! Not a bad habit. Besides, if you were to count it, it would only be 3 points, not 4. It is my understanding that you can’t use adjectives in your answer.

  14. Dear Jud; Thank you for highlighting the plight for those of us who have the habitual habit of picking pickled peppers. For years I have suffered from that rhyme and no one cared–until now. A peck here, another peck there, and soon… you are hooked. Thanks for being the voice of reason in a world of disbelievers.
    Peter Piper

  15. This post really needs to be refeatured/resurrected. Justice was not served.

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