you’re taking my grandchild where?

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It was WEC week at DTS (World Evangelism Conference = no class but plenty of sessions) and that was one of the workshops. I thought it was clever and very true. Oh yeah, we didn’t go to any of the sessions. We planned to.

Then the dread disease set in. I even went to a doctor. You know it’s serious when I finally agree to spend money to solve the problem. So, that weeping sore wasn’t going to just get better on its own? I usually find medicine and trips to white-coated authority figures overrated. I didn’t on Tuesday and Jud probably should’ve gone on Thursday, but, at this point, we’re content to share the drugs. We’ll just be half as sick.

So I read a few blogs. Not many. Not like you. I don’t tell you much about them because you’d find the ones I read to be offensive; especially the ones that I really like. They’re not fit for publishing with my full name and all just like we can’t tell people about the movies we really love. Yes, because of McCarthyism, oh and the crazy fundamentalism. But, I digress. So this one blog I read is amazing – incredible photography and funny captions and an adorable little girl with quirky dog and then I read that it is her family’s primary source of income, what with the adds and all. $eriou$ly? Who needs to hoc some toiletries when I could just get load$ of ca$h just for being well read? Oh, wait, that’s right. You have to have readers.

Now for what you’ve really been waiting for….pictures from Phoenix!

The bed was good. Everything was clean. The style was a bit too southwest for me, but what can you expect at $400/night?

Not all fun and games in the desert. This was my command post.

Oh, the bathroom mirror, try to take a picture of myself in my room shot. Silly Kim, you are too far away.

But now you are too close! Run internet! Run!


  1. YEAH, that’s my girl…so proudly representing the RE-9 on the bathroom counter! =) I just could not be a more happy reader than I am after seeing such great publicity for phenomenal products! Ha! By the way, that place looks posh enough for my liking! And, finally, I’m quite jealous that you made the arboretum trip without me. But, then again, what were you to do? Wait until Dan and I are back in town? Clearly, that would have been the “right thing to do”! =) Actually, I’m so glad you got to go…seeing the pictures confirms the notion that I need to hurry over and see those lovely tulips (my personal fave)! Happy weekend…see you soon.

  2. you know it! my re9 stuff goes with me everywhere 😀

    guess what? we got into the arboretum for FREE. zanna’s friend greta found a parks & rec place that gives away 4 tickets at a time at no charge. we can go get tickets whenever we want! maybe us girls can all go and get something to eat at the yummy cafe….or we could just each pack one item to share and that might be just as fun.

    we missed you both tons today at church — hope your hubby had a happy birthday!

  3. I’m game for the girls day out! I will look forward to it with great anticipation. =) Zanna told me about her fantastic tip on being resourceful…I’m pumped about it! I think Dan had a fabulous birthday…enjoyed home so much!!!Talk to you when we get back in town!

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